Monday, May 25, 2009

WHat Month is This?????

what month is this???? okay...i juz done my marketing test last saturday..and it was a relief...anyway still having the last mid term paper...accounting this coming friday...BUT today we got a BIG news~~~LAW IS HAVING A RETEST!!!!!!! This is a big news for us....we all had have our assignments left behind juz because of the continuous 3 weeks (now 4 weeks) exam...thought that could really start de assignments that are goin to due very soon after de exams...who our lecturer says that we MAY have a retest...and now it's confimed..juz heard it 30 minutes ago :( ~~ however we have to accept it was de final decision...juz do our very best ( i think ppl tat work hard in the last exam ll not forget everything you've learn rite...but most of us don lk de retest bcoz it takes time to study law which is a bit boring)

Monday, May 11, 2009

I hope.....

I hope that this week ll pass by real fast......i'm hate de feeling waiting for the's really tiring ler...u get stressed up; nervous, thinking that this topic may be questioned and that MIGHT not be questioned in the exam; and u study, study and study...and followingly i still have 2 more grp assignments that are not done be more precise, i haven't even started yet...Well, hope everything goes on smoothly~~~three more days to go.......GAMBATE to all those taking exam!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Got it!!

Juz today..i got my new bag!~!! i was so excited bout's nice and i choose it for almost an hour juz in tat shop..(i think u can imagine shopping wif me is very tiring ho.....)..but hoong, are u tired??? i guess not lar ho....hehe....But, the CONCLUSION is tat the bag is nice and i really lk it lor...can put lotsa stuffs in it..especially books!!!.you noe..thr are loads of book used in sem 2 and 'they' are soooooo heavy~~~argh !!!

Here is my new bag~~~

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Yes..i'm back after i stop blogging for quite some time...i'm fine..don worry.. ^^..time really past so fast and it's de mid term of my second semester dy...and mid term test is coming up....'good luck' to myself i would lk to say :p. These few days i get so frustrated wif my 'skul' bag coz it's torn dy..i bought it at a stall and seems lk it doesn't stand for long...better but a good one this time..but till now i still couldn't found one that i lk (i'm thinking bout it for the whole week dy)... lots of my frens say that i am kinda fussy in choosing wat i wan to buy..hehez...i don wanna regret after i buy it..tats y i muz choose it slowly k....tomoro i am goin to get one..i swear!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

~Wushu Coaches and Judges Seminar~

photos of us during de seminar~~~whr is xian??flew away

seems so childish...wahahha

me and kiddy xian..

kiddy xian n fiona

me and 'chui li'--we use to call her chinese name..

do we look alike??me n wen pei..

me and fiona~~now she seems matured than me yeah...howeva, she IS bigger than me..hahaz

this seminar make me gather back with my wushu frenz......quite happy to meet my all happy go lucky frens...hahahazzz.....yeah.indeed HAPPY

Sunday, November 23, 2008

~a fun weekend for u?~

hmmm...what do i mean by fun...i spend my weekend at the first we insisted to spend our nite at the new Damai Lagoon~~Damai Puri..but then it was fully occupied...umhhh....we were all so sad...then we make a move to Damai Beach....but then, the ans is stiil the same:"sory ma'am, the resort is fully booked." Howeva, my cousins and brother didn't 'give up'..they keep nagging and insisted to stay a nite we went to the Santubong resort.....hoong accompanied me was such a coincidence that their family also spend their weekend was also the first time i played table tennis...hoong thaught was not that hard..for me..but to play lk him, i think it ll take quite some time..

this was taken at Damai it nice?? yeah i think so..
tats me at the beach

me and Hoong at the lobby...waiting for slots to stay overnite..but unfortunately..there's no empty slots

me and my cute cousin---nicole..she IS cute..really..especially when you heard she says
"ba byyyeeee''...

Hoong and my youngest bro..Damian..he does'nt want to go down to swin in the pool...not even change into swimming trunk!!! He's juz shy.....come'on don't b shy!!

whole 'team' playing at the seaside..tryying to build a HUGE sandcastle..but at last..all went down to the

Nice Gatthering after quite sometime...-.-

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

~~finaly!!!the finals are over~~

Well, today i juz had my last paper for the finals...was so happy bout it!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS GUYS!!!!!!!!! last we CAN have A holiday..but it's juz for one week...when i reflectedback today i realise that my frens getting scholarships and now studying in KL, they already came back TWICE for hols...but we juz have our FIRST hols here...however, we are luckier than them as we could stay with our parents...(will not get homesick)....i did 2 papers today and my brain nearly burst!! esp math... i noe it seems easy...but juz dono y...mayb its juz tat i seldom 'touch' math nowadays...i am so tired after i get it done...furthermore i nid to continue revising for afternoon's paper-Economics (Hope would get a good Grade for it) really streesed me up....BUT..ITS OVER!!!!!!!!! yipee....Bless me, Hoong and my frens will get good results in finals yea!!! Jia You ya...two more days left..u can do it!!! *wink*

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


finals is juz around de corner...(really very very soon)
wat am i doing here???
but exam is juz 3 days....

1st day..(10th nov)

Eng and comm skills......(worry bout argumentative essay)

2nd day...(11th Nov)

Innovation and Change......(a subject that i dont really understand.....)

innovation value chain( chain has no value) ...CATs have 9 lives ( and wont die )...
six thinking HATS (i only can wear one hat and think with a brain)...
NSEW=North South East West...can u figure out sth by using that method????
BTW do you noe wat am i talking about?

3rd day...(12th Nov)

General math...40% tis time...will score i am SURE

economics in the afternoon ....really hope could get a distinction....
i will do my best in tis subject....i PROMISE

Tats my finals.....GO FOR IT.....and say farewell to sem 1...hahahahahzzzz

but summer sem arrive juz after a week...arghhhh.....

can u imagine everyday studying juz 2 subjects....for one sem???

and they are BORING!!!!!
Malaysian studies and Moral studies???

Ans : dono...juz that they are compulsary

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

~Happy birthdaY~

Hoong birthday was over...but i still wanna mention it...His mood was sooooo good for the pass to gud...and i was happy for him... Of coz he will be coz tis was his 1st birthday celebrated wif me..lolz...i boughht a sweater for him...after searching for almos a week...(nvm)...i hope he really lk it... and i bought a birthday cake without telling him...he was so surprised...then at nite ..his family celebrated for him again....i went too...anyway...HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY ya !!!! At last u can change ur IC wif a kid photo.....hehe(dun scold me)